When guest books Vesna Tours and Travel Ltd air ticket, it is understood that they have accepted the Airline’s Terms &terms & Conditions of travel, baggage, meals, services etc. as well as applicable national/international laws governing air transportation like , IATA, KATA etc. In case of discontinuation of airline service or change in airline route, flight schedule, flight delays etc. any additional expense incurred for continuation of the travel will have to be borne by the guests.

Guest has to take utmost precaution while filling and verifying their booking form for details like correct name-spelling, age, birth date, contact details, passport number, date and place of passport issue etc. Name should always be as per the passport for international tours and as per the Aadhar card for domestic tours. Incorrect details may lead to name correction (if time permits), denial of boarding, deportation, cancellation of the tour etc. Guests will have to bear the consequences, losses, or additional expenses and Vesna Tours and Travel Ltd is not responsible or liable for the same.

When guests book individual air ticket with Vesna Tours and Travel Ltd, they must ensure that they do not hold any other air ticket with same or different airline for the same date, as it may lead to the auto cancellation of the air ticket and guest will have to bear the consequences arising due to the same.